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Answer to question from last issue:

How do I choose the correct battery for my application (vehicle, GenSet, etc.)?

Of course, the first place to check is the vehicle’s or equipment's Technical Manual (TM).

Soldiers can also contact their unit’s Tank-Automotive Armaments Command Logistics Assistance Representative …or simply TACOM LAR. Ultimately, the appropriate platform’s Program Manager (PM) or Product Manager (PdM) office will know.

However, for most military ground tactical wheeled- and tracked-vehicles, the Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus &nbsp 6TAGM battery (NSN: 6140-01-485-1472) is a direct drop-in replacement where the NATO 6T-size 12-volt flooded-cell battery was previously installed (e.g., 6TMF, 6TL, 6TN, etc.).

Now, if the vehicle or equipment requires a different size 12-volt battery, please see our Hawker® MIL PC battery page to find the appropriate battery based on either the BCI group size or your current battery’s dimensions and battery terminal type, or simply  contact us…either on the web or on our hotline…so we may suggest a replacement battery.

Did you know?

For a single battery, Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) is the measurement of voltage between its positive and negative terminals when there is no load on the battery. In other words, the battery is at a state of rest, neither providing power nor receiving a charge. Measurement is usually conducted with either a DC voltmeter or multimeter with a DC voltmeter setting. Fully-charged Hawker’s&nbsp are normally 12.9 OCV, flooded-cell batteries are normally 12.6 OCV.


Due to Shelter-in-Place orders as a result of COVID-19, our free on-site Battery Maintenance and Recovery Training (BMRT) has been temporarily suspended. However, we’ll resume unit training visits once the risk has been minimized. But, now is the time to contact us to get your shop scheduled for later in the year. Contact your Hawker® FSR today!