Hawker Headlines

Fall 2021 Edition

Quick Tips!

Do Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus 6TAGM & MILPC batteries have a warranty?  
They sure do…but, most likely you won’t need it!
Want to see the details…look here…<a href="https://hawkerbattery.com/resources/" www.hawkerbattery.com/resources/

Answer to question from last issue:

About how much time should it take to recharge a drained Hawker® 6TAGM battery?


  • it’s a healthy (fully-recoverable) battery that’s been discharged down to 11.5 volts OCV
    (not sure what OCV means…it’s defined here www.hawkerbattery.com/resources/#faqs), and
  • the battery’s temperature is between 68oF - 86oF (20oC - 30oC), and
  • the charger’s output voltage is between 14.4 – 15.0 volts DC

Then, the following table applies: 

Charging Table Image
Note that the more amps the charger can provide, the faster the battery can be recharged!

Did you know?

Ohm's Cartoon Image

that resistance is a unit of measurement of a material’s (e.g., copper, rubber, etc.) opposition to the flow of electrical current in a direct current (DC) circuit. Note that in alternating current (AC) circuits the equivalent is called “impedance”. The measurement for both is expressed in ohms. For either AC- or DC-powered systems, measurement is usually conducted using either an ohmmeter or a multimeter with an ohmmeter setting.


Does Hawker® offer any resources to help ensure I get the full life out of my battery? Well, I’m glad you asked…click here: www.psmagazine.army.mil/News/Article/2789242/batteries-free-hawker-battery-resources/ And, as always, feel free to contact us directly.