Hawker Headlines

Winter 2019 Edition

Quick Tips!

Need to decipher the labels and markings on your Hawker® ARMASAFE Plus 6TAGM battery? It’s simple…Watch the training video at www.hawkerbattery.com in the Video Vault section.

Answer to question from last issue:

I read that Hawker® batteries are VRLA/TPPL AGM batteries.

What does that even mean?

VRLA &nbsp is an acronym for Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid. &nbsp Yes, the Hawker® ARMASAFE Plus, Hawker® MILPC, and ODYSSEY® batteries are, in fact, LEAD-ACID batteries! The valve-regulated portion simply indicates that the battery’s cells are sealed, but are capable of off-gassing (under extreme conditions), then resealing.

TPPL &nbsp is an acronym for Thin Plate Pure Lead. We use thin plates because it allows us to use as much as 2X more plates than a standard lead-acid battery of the same size…which means there’s greater active surface area…which equates to more CCAs! While most lead-acid batteries use lead-alloy plates (typically, lead-calcium), we use ‘Pure Lead’ …and by that we mean 99.99% pure lead!

The reason we use pure lead is that it has no filler material and therefore virtually no impurities…so it has better electrochemical properties…which results in more cold cranking amps, more amp hours, a lower self-discharge rate, extended shelf life, and overall longer operational life!

AGM is Absorbed Glass Mat…a fiberglass tissue between the plates…it holds the electrolyte…like a sponge!

Did you know?

That Hawker® batteries are designed for use in the most heavy-duty, austere, and demanding conditions! In fact, they are designed to provide up to twice the cranking power and up to three times longer life than conventional flooded-cell batteries. Additionally, due to the absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, they have superior vibration resistance…and are exceptionally tolerant to wide temperature extremes.


Well, the new year is here and so are new opportunities! We’ve already started conducting free Battery Maintenance and Recovery Training (BMRT) with units of the 88thReadiness Division (USAR). Thinking you’d like some for your unit? Easy Fix! Just contact your Hawker® FSR and request your free BMRT. Cuz, battery readiness increases operational readiness!