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Summer 2021 Edition

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Who needs to know where the SDSs are located? EVERYONE!
Where can you find the most up-to-date SDS for
Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus 6TAGM & MILPC batteries?

SDS 853027, Revision AG
can be found here…
<a href="https://hawkerbattery.com/resources/" www.hawkerbattery.com/resources/

Answer to question from last issue:

Should I ever remove any of the valve covers that are on top of a Hawker® 6TAGM battery?
Absolutely…. NOT!   Each of the battery’s six cells has its own valve cover. The valve cover protects the underlying one-way valve at the top of each cell, provides spark protection, and allows gas to escape (if necessary). You see, AGM batteries are designed to rarely off-gas …else they’d simply dry out and become heavy paperweights! On the other hand, flooded-cell batteries are designed to regularly off-gas …which is why the electrolyte level in each cell must be monitored, then refilled with distilled water to ensure the plates are bathed in the electrolyte solution. (Note: For flooded-cell batteries, leave at least ¼ inch of unfilled space at the top of the battery to prevent the electrolyte from bubbling out as the battery heats-up during charging.)   In the exceedingly rare instance that a valve cover on a Hawker® 6TAGM battery has lifted, simply tap it back into place with a rubber mallet, then circle the valve cover with a felt-tipped pin and write “R” next to it. If it ever lifts up again, the next mechanic will know it’s time to replace the battery due to a failed valve.

Did you know?

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that we recently improved the packaging for our boxed Hawker® MILPC G31 SAE & G31 TT batteries? The new design provides increased protection with the placement of a ½ inch high density foam sheet atop the current laminated cardboard protective insert that encases the top of the battery. The box is then sealed. Furthermore, we’re developing similar improvements for all BCI group-sized batteries (e.g., G34, G78, G34/78, G65, etc.).

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Recently, Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA; TACOM mechanics at Fort Leonard Wood, MO; as well as maintenance shops within the AK & WI ARNGs received free onsite Battery Maintenance & Recovery Training. Next up are MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA; MCAS Yuma, AZ; and the MS & PA ARNGs. Get yours…contact us.