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Summer 2018 Edition

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Mechanic's Load Testers

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How do you know if your mechanic’s load tester
is up to the task for 6T-sized batteries? Find out now…watch the training video at www.hawkerabattery.com in the Video Vault section.

Answer to question from last issue:

When conducting a mechanic’s load test, how does the battery’s load voltage measurement relate to its state of charge?

When conducting a mechanic’s load test on a Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus 6TAGM battery, be certain you are using a load tester that’s rated for it!

Not sure if yours is…check out the Hawker® Helpdesk video above or…the last two issues of Hawker® Headlines.

Generally speaking, so long as the battery reports at least a 10-volt reading or higher during the load test, the battery has passed.

Want a more definitive assessment, see the table...


Did you know?

That Shelf Life pertains to a new battery that has not yet been placed into service? The Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus 6TAGM battery is required to have a 24-month shelf life, but actually has a 30-month shelf life (when consistently stored at 77°F (25°C)! Furthermore, per MIL-PRF 32143C, the battery has been designed to still be able to deliver at least 50% of its rated capacity at the end of the 24-month period…and that’s before recharging it!!!


Need assistance with inspecting, testing, charging, & storing your Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus 6TAGM battery? It’s just one simple phone call away to receive free Battery Maintenance and Recovery Training (BMRT). Your Hawker® FSR stands at the ready…to support you!