Why Recycle?

Recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, increases economic security, creates jobs, protects the environment, and reduces landfill waste. Simply put, it’s just good practice.

Though there are many responsibilities inherent in being a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial batteries, we at EnerSys® are proud to do our part in providing environmental stewardship. As such, we’re available to assist in the recycling process.

As end-users, customers also accept certain obligations. Among the most vital of these is disposing of batteries in an environmentally safe manner. While batteries provide necessary power in our daily personal lives, for businesses, during emergencies, and in powering our nation’s Armed Forces, they can pose potential hazards (due to the chemicals and metals in the battery). Therefore, lead-acid batteries should never be disposed of in the trash, in a landfill, nor along the roadway. In fact, it’s illegal under federal law (40 CFR Part 273). Also, most states have additional laws.

As you know, we all share the same earth, so it’s our combined obligation.

Fortunately, unlike many other “disposable” items, up to 99% of a lead-acid battery is recyclable! That’s great news for the environment. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead-acid batteries have the highest recycling rate among other well-known products.

Typically, military installations have environmental and/or recycling programs. Please contact your installation’s Supply Support Activity, Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Waste Section, HAZMAT Control, Environmental Branch, Environmental Security Department, or similarly named unit for recycling/disposal details.

Commercially, most auto parts stores, scrap yards, and metal recyclers accept lead-acid batteries for proper end-of-life handling.

However, if you’re unsuccessful in locating a recycler, please contact us.