Hawker Headlines

Fall 2018 Edition

Quick Tips!

So, you think these are load testers? Wrong.
It’s a common mistake…but, they’re conductance analyzers!
How do you use them? Watch the training video at www.hawkerbattery.com
in the Video Vault section.

Answer to question from last issue:

What is the proper way to lift and carry a Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus 6TAGM battery while it’s still in its shipping box?

Unlike most vehicle batteries, you can actually lift and carry the Hawker® ARMASAFE™ Plus 6TAGM battery by it’s carrying handles while it’s still in the box! Why? Because it’s the most secure and safest way!

Here’s how…see the slot openings on the top of the box? Slide your finger down the notch on the side. Next, pull the handle up through the slot openings. Then, firmly grasp the handle.

Ohhh, but don’t forget, because it’s 88 lbs…you’ll need to conduct a 2-person lift!

Did you know?

That EnerSys® now makes 4D & 8D AGM batteries? Well, you asked for ’em…now you got ’em! Currently, they are offered under our ODYSSEY® brand…but we are working to add them to our Hawker® MIL PC line.


It’s been a great year for the 99th Readiness Division (USAR)
Their shops got free Battery Maintenance and Recovery Training (BMRT)!
Hello 88th Readiness Division (USAR)…2019 is your year!
Missing out? Contact your Hawker® FSR to request your free BMRT.
After all, we are here…to support you!